The best gifts for your Mum this Christmas

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Christmas is the time when you show your loved ones that you appreciate all that they have done for you. When it comes to special people in your life, your mum would rank highly. Give her a special present that is luxurious and show her that you value her in your life. Max Brenner can assist you with chocolate combination sets that will be the best gifts for your mum;

Hamper Me Max

The chocolate gift set that will be sure to impress your mum. Filled with a large variety of chocolate types, it is truly the present that you would want to get your mum for Christmas if you want to win her over.

A Touch of Luxury

    If your mum is classy and likes the finer things in life, this is the perfect gift set. Filled with delicious chocolate varieties, this will certainly please her.

    Coffee Lover

    For the mum that is a coffee lover, this gift set contains both chocolate & coffee tasters that will make your mum happy.

    Mix of Max

    A gift set that will give your mum a taste of assorted chocolate varieties. Presented in Max’s colourful gift tin with ribbon, this is a great chocolate gift for your mum.

    First Aid Chocolate Box

    Your mum probably had a first aid kit that she needed to be armed with when you were growing up. This first aid gift set is one with a chocolate twist. Instead of all the things needed to make that scrapes and cuts better, this is one filled with chocolate that will put your mum in a cheerful mood in no time.

    Max Brenner has a great assortment of the best gifts for your mum. Buy a Christmas present for your mum that will show your love and appreciation. Put a smile on your mum’s face this festive season.

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