Hug It Out

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There's nothing like a good hug! This snugly gift set featuring:

  • Hug Mug: Specially designed for the chocolate drinking ceremony
  • Cashew Chockies - Hazelnut Praline rolled in Milk Chocolate & Roasted Cashews (80g)
  • Hazelnut Favourites – Milk Chocolate Cubes filled with Hazelnut Praline & Roasted Hazelnut Bits (40g)
  • Mini Nuts – Caramelised Pecans rolled in Hazelnut Praline & Fine Cocoa Powder (40g)
  • Dark Chicao - Dark Chocolate Drops with West African Cocoa Nibs with 75% Cocoa Solids (60g)
  • Chocolat Drinking Powder - Dairy-free Fine Chocolate Powder for the creation of Max Brenner’s Signature Thick Hot Chocolate (400g)
Presented in Max's Enjoy Gift Box with ribbon.