Hamper Me Max

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Impress to the Max with this gift set, featuring:

  • Dark Theo – Brazilian Coffee Beans rolled in Dark Chocolate & Fine Cocoa Powder (40g)
  • Nuts – Caramelised Pecans rolled in Hazelnut Praline & Fine Cocoa Powder (80g)
  • White Marbles – Crunchy Cereal Balls rolled in White Chocolate, Hazelnut Praline & Roasted Coconut (150g)
  • Cashew Chockies – Hazelnut Praline rolled in Milk Chocolate & Roasted Cashews (80g)
  • Addiction Cubes – Milk Chocolate Cubes filled with Hazelnut Praline & Caramelised Pecan Bits (100g)*
  • Hazelnut Favourites – Milk Chocolate Cubes filled with Hazelnut Praline & Roasted Hazelnut Bits (40g)
  • Dark Tablet – Fine Dark Chocolate slab studded with West African Cocoa Nibs (80g)
  • Salted Caramel Chicao – Milk Chocolate Rounds with Caramel Bits & Sea Salt (60g)
  • Chocolat Drinking Powder – Dairy-free Fine Chocolate Powder for the creation of Max Brenner’s Signature Thick Hot Chocolate (400g)

Presented in Max's colourful gift tin with ribbon

*Please note: Addiction Cube packaging has been updated from the box featured in the Gift set image to the new Purple Tin in the second image. The product, ingredients, quantity and pricing has not changed.